Entreprise Application Integration

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Enterprise Application Integration

A flexible and powerfull approach of integration needs

Information Systems are becoming more and more complex each year, due to new needs, but also to new types of technologies appearing on the market (Cloud, Big Data...). It is in this context that data integration is vital to any organization, allowing different applications to communicate together.


Your needs

  • How can you ensure the different departments of your organization have access to the same level of information ?
  • How can you speed up the reactivity of your company in treating daily tasks when they necessitate interaction between different entities of an organization ?
  • Exchanging and sharing data between different units is a key element to your organization.


Our answers

Stambia makes data exchanges possible between different applications of your company.

By detecting changes and transmitting them immediately to the services and applications that need them, Stambia speeds up how you deal with requests and optimizes the service you provide to your customers, partners and suppliers.


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