The Universal Mapping

Universal mapping for data integration projects

The Universal Mapping

Develop simply whatever the complexity of the technology

The notion of Universal Mapping is one of the key strengths of the Stambia solution.

This notion enables you to build a "business" mapping that is not too technical.

Through a reflection on the concepts of Model Driven Engineering, the Stambia research teams were able to bring to the market a mapping that stays simple and efficient, whatever the technology used.

In other words, it is as easy to handle a target that is a database (in two dimensions : ligns and columns) as to handle an XML target, a Web Service or even SAP (these technologies are rather hierarchical and complex, several levels can be loaded at the same time).

As an example, here is a mapping managing multiple technologies :

  1. Retrieveing a source SAP IDOC, joined with an XML file
  2. Integration of the result into Salesforce
  3. Update of a tracking table



The purpose of the Universal Mapping is to be able to handle different technologies inside a same mapping, and to go from a relational paradigm to a hierarchical or object paradigm, and vice versa.

All the complexity is erased and managed by Stambia, and not by the developer who can then focus on the business rules and not on the technical rules.

This vision of the Universal Mapping not only brings simplicity to the developing stage, but also productivity in the projects, and performance to the executing stage. Since Stambia can respect a technology, whatever its form, the solution can manage each source or target as it was designed, and thus take advantage of the technological strengths of each of them.


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