Implementing an e-commerce solution

Implement e-commerce data integration flows

Implementing an e-commerce solution

Manage your web or e-commerce initiatives with productivity

Implementing a new e-commerce or web solution implies to exchange data between the e-commerce solution and the rest of the Information System. These exchanges are often in real-time, through web services and specific connections to backend applications. This is why a reliable integration layer is necessary.


Your needs

  • You want to set up an e-commerce website.
  • You need to think over your data repositories (goods, suppliers, prices...)
  • You need access to your Information System in real-time.
  • Your website needs to be able to interface in a standardized way using Web services.
  • Flexibility and implementation speed are crucial to you.


Our answer

Because Stambia can industrialize your flows, the implementation of e-commerce websites is quicker.

Stambia allows you to publish flows and data as Web services in just a few minutes.

It is thus possible to interface in a standard way and build layers of business exchanges which will facilitate the evolution of your systems over time.




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