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The ADEO Use case

Agility is a key success factor for Analytics and Big Data projects.

Discover how our customer ADEO has implemented a process of transformation of its decision-making system (Business Intelligence) in order to manage both the performance and the need of agility, succeeding at the same time to industrialize the data integration processes.




Understand the Model Driven Approach

Getting agility and flexibility has become an essential part of any digital transformation strategy.

Find out how the Model Driven concepts can improve development productivity, simplify maintenance steps, and make data integration projects more industrial and qualitative..




ELT versus ETL ?

The traditional "ETL" approach born in the '90s had a long life.

Discover why the "delegation of transformation" concept, also known as ELT, is more in tune with the volumes and types of data currently processed by the organisations, and above all more consistent when it comes to approaching Big Data or No SQL projects.